At this time of year, it is so easy to become focused on end of year reports as well as HSC results and using these to measure if a child has ‘succeeded’. However, this only conveys a limited representation of how our children have performed in particular summative assessments – a snapshot of one learning moment in time. We all love the feelings associated with success – happiness, satisfaction, positive self-perception and even relief.  However, for our children to be successful learners throughout their lives, we need to reconceptualise how we perceive educational success. We can do this by focusing on are our children’s learning gains and engage them in this reflective process. As parents and learning role models, we can achieve this in the following ways:

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Tamara Jones-Hood
How do I know if finding a tutor is right for my child or myself?

When I was researching the work of teachers as part of the PhD I completed in 2007, a common problem they all encountered and communicated to me was that they felt that they could not give every student the attention and support they needed, particularly due to the overcrowded curriculum and increasing levels of administration that detracted from their quality teaching. Since I began tutoring students in 1994, it has become apparent that not only are some of our teachers struggling in our contemporary classrooms but so are the students.

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